30th EITI Board meeting — read out /30-е заседание Правление ИПДО — основные решения

Dear all,
The EITI Board met in Bern, Switzerland at the end of October to discuss a variety on issues, most importantly possible changes to the Validation system, refinements to the EITI Standard and aspects of internal governance. The Board also agreed to accept Malawi as the 49th implementing country. Please find attached a detailed read-out of the key decisions that were taken in Bern.
In this document, civil society representatives on the Board are sharing their concerns over some worrying developments. In particular, the CSO Board members would like to alert to the risk that the Validation system is weakened, thereby putting into jeopardy the quality assurance mechanism of the initiative as a whole and local civil society’s ability to hold governments to account. A handful of implementing countries representatives, including from authoritarian regimes such as Azerbaijan and Congo Brazzaville, were able to dominate the discussions by depicting the EITI Standard as being too difficult to achieve. Civil society on the Board is strongly pushing back on this narrative but is facing difficulties in being heard. This is why the CSO Board members will be in touch soon to rally support from all of you. It is crucial that civil society, especially in implementing countries, has a strong voice in this crucial debate.
I am happy to answer any questions you might have so please feel free to get in touch.
Warm regards

Asmara Klein

EITI Programme Coordinator


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